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Yard Signs & Bumper Stickers

ed) title of the node. * - $content: Node body or teaser depending on $teaser flag. * - $picture: The authors picture of the node output from * theme_user_picture(). * - $date: Formatted creation date (use $created to reformat with * format_date()). * - $links: Themed links like "Read more", "Add new comment", etc. output * from theme_links(). * - $name: Themed username of node author output from theme_username(). * - $node_url: Direct url of the current node. * - $terms: the themed list of taxonomy term links output from theme_links(). * - $submitted: themed submission information output from * theme_node_submitted(). * * Other variables: * - $node: Full node object. Contains data that may not be safe. * - $type: Node type, i.e. story, page, blog, etc. * - $comment_count: Number of comments attached to the node. * - $uid: User ID of the node author. * - $created: Time the node was published formatted in Unix timestamp. * - $zebra: Outputs either "even" or "odd". Useful for zebra striping in * teaser listings. * - $id: Position of the node. Increments each time it's output. * * Node status variables: * - $teaser: Flag for the teaser state. * - $page: Flag for the full page state. * - $promote: Flag for front page promotion state. * - $sticky: Flags for sticky post setting. * - $status: Flag for published status. * - $comment: State of comment settings for the node. * - $readmore: Flags true if the teaser content of the node cannot hold the * main body content. * - $is_front: Flags true when presented in the front page. * - $logged_in: Flags true when the current user is a logged-in member. * - $is_admin: Flags true when the current user is an administrator. * * @see template_preprocess() * @see template_preprocess_node() */ ?>