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Campaign News

A Note to Supporters

Ultimately, Alexandrians must be thoroughly informed.  If our friends and neighbors know about our record, our priorities, our team, and our vision for the future, then we have nothing to fear.  We will work hard—as we always do—and you will never question our commitment to knock on doors and run a hard campaign.  But, campaigning is expensive, and we need your help now to ensure we can continue our progress, some of which the Mayor outlines below.

Investing in Infrastructure

I believe in targeted, evidence-based funding of our ailing American infrastructure to allow the private sector to do what it does best: create sustainable, meaningful employment and better the quality of Louisiana life.  Look around your city: Bolton Avenue, Versailles, Masonic Drive, fire stations, drainage improvements, and quality of life measures at the Zoo and our parks.

Crime Prevention and Safety 

Our SafeAlex program recently won the state’s highest municipal association award in community programming.  Our police and SafeAlex have never been stronger.  We are innovators, recognized internationally for this programming, and indicators of crime are more favorable because of these programs and stellar personnel.

Economic Growth

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development seeks to build alliances and form collaborative partnerships in order to maximize efficiencies and increase our regional competitiveness, while housing the first Alexandria “policy shop” for planning and development in the City’s history—and by grant dollar count and statewide recognition of S.P.A.R.C.—and now national recognition by planning experts—the “shop” is functioning very well. 

In addition to the visible signs of progress all over the City, we announced the location of Cool Planet to our Alexandria Port and Central Louisiana—bringing great paying jobs and over $150MM in new investment. The Mayor’s office and team were very excited to package resources and incentives to help the economic development of our area. This development will help attract new business to the area, create new jobs, and provide the potential for spin off activity. Alexandria is serious about creating a highly desirable environment for business development. This is precisely the type of smart technology we want to support—capitalizing on our principal resource of timber—and seeing the Alexandria region continue to attract and house biofuel companies. In addition to timber and healthcare, this niche is attractive and even in its infancy very notable as a future capacity here at home—not only an important accomplishment for the industry, but a critical step toward a viable alternative energy future for the nation. This was a great day for Central Louisiana and “hats off” to the Port of Alexandria, CLEDA, the Chamber, EEIDD, Cleco, the Red River Waterway Commission and the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, among many, many others!

Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility

We added to our retained earnings coming out of the recession, and have the best audits and overall financial picture in modern history for our City.

SafeAlex: A 21st Century Opportunity for Neighborhoods


Greg Saville is a renowned expert in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (also known as CPTED) and SafeGrowth. He publishes a blog on SafeGrowth and posted a “guest column” by Mayor Roy, titled “SafeAlex: A 21st Century Lighthouse.”

According to Saville, the Alexandria program is the first program in the nation that “explicitly incorporates” SafeGrowth as a strategy to combat crime and enhance community development. Likewise, the Alexandria newspaper, The Town Talk, published an article on the subject.

ThinkAlex--Great Success Redefining Our City

A Smart Alexandria

by Jacques Roy
November 5, 2014

Together, our team has been busy for building a stronger Alexandria.  From our SPARC program investing millions of dollars in the city’s infrastructure, creating new jobs, and improving our quality of life, to our SafeAlex effort and top-notch community policing reducing drugs and crime and making neighborhoods safer.  Together, we’ve accomplished a lot and we’re not done yet.  There is more to do; there are new initiatives to launch; and there are people not yet engaged who are waiting for opportunity. 

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