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Economic Growth

Throughout his tenure as Mayor, Jacques Roy has continually championed the importance of regionalism.  He understands successful economic development should not be constrained by political borders.  The jobs and opportunities provided by the Proctor and Gamble plant in Pineville, for example, are just as important to the Town of Pineville as they are to the City of Alexandria.  When he created the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, Mayor Roy ensured it would not merely focus on parochial projects, but would be responsible for assisting in attracting and retaining business developments that benefit the entire Central Louisiana region. 

“Retention and expansion of existing business create the backbone of the local economy, and really that of the nation.  The big hunt expeditions are great, welcome, and we need them.  But, we must focus on what’s here to drive the economy—especially in challenging economic times.”  Jacques Roy, October 2008

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development seeks to build alliances and form collaborative partnerships in order to maximize efficiencies and increase our regional competitiveness, while housing the first Alexandria “policy shop” for planning and development in the City’s history—and by grant dollar count and statewide recognition of S.P.A.R.C.—and now national recognition by planning experts—the “shop” is functioning very well.

During his first term, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development has attracted millions of dollars in competitive grant funding and appropriations: over $6.5M from State capital outlay, nearly $500K for our rail spur at the Alexandria Industrial Park, approximately $1M for improvements to our riverfront, $400K to launch the first-ever Brownfield program, $250K for infrastructure improvements in and around Rugg Elementary School, $567K for a Community Resiliency Program, and $1.25M toward housing, to name a few. 

In addition, the office spearheaded the creation of Central Louisiana in Film, an alliance that also includes the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority, the Alexandria/Pineville Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the England Authority.  CLIF has coordinated with major Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers, attracting filming commitments that will result in the investment of dollars into the local economy.

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, under the direction and leadership of Mayor Roy, also created and launched the Downtown Hotels Initiative, an innovative effort that sought to restore both the Hotel Bentley and the Alexander Fulton Hotel while, simultaneously, getting the City out of the hotel business, once and for all.  

Once completed, this project promises to forever alter the landscape of Downtown Alexandria and create a hotel/convention center complex that rivals any other convention destination in the American South.

Despite the national recession and the downturn in large-scale commercial investment, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development will continue to be successful in attracting meaningful and significant investments in our local economy, investments that promise to transform Alexandria and reassert its role as a center of industry and progress.  

Because of Mayor Roy’s leadership and proactive dedication toward economic development, now more than ever, Alexandria has the opportunity to capitalize on these successes and establish itself as a 21st century community, with a 21st century economy.

Mayor Roy will continue to be dedicated toward attracting the industries and businesses that fuel our modern economy: green energy, technology, and telecommunications, among others.  He will continue to focus on safeguarding and advancing Alexandria’s regional supremacy and statewide competitiveness as an intermodal hub of industry, investing millions of dollars to build and develop new industrial sites at the Alexandria Industrial Park at the Port, and working with local manufacturers and distributors to ensure that our infrastructure doesn’t just allow them to be competitive, but that it provides them with a competitive advantage.