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In 2006, Jacques Roy was elected as Alexandria’s 23rd Mayor, capturing 76% of the vote and becoming one of the youngest mayors in Alexandria history. During those first four years, his tenacious, hands-on, and proactive approach to City government resulted in a number of sweeping and transformative changes. On October 2, 2010, Mayor Roy was re-elected, overwhelmingly defeating a field of four challengers by garnering 62% of the primary vote, avoiding a run off and solidifying his base of support.  

From new quality-of-life initiatives to reinvestment in infrastructure long deferred, Alexandria is on an evidence-based, aggressive, and steady plan of work to make our city even more attractive. We want to atttract our kids, new citizens, and anyone wanting to settle and raise a family to Alexandria. We are seeing the return of our kids back home to start their families, and this will only increase with continued positive growth and leadership. 

Today, Alexandria is moving into the 21st century at an intense pace, establishing itself as an innovator in public policy, infrastructure investment, smart growth, workforce development, public-private partnerships, and urban renewal. The work is not finished, but because of Mayor Roy’s leadership, it is well underway. 

Mayor Roy understands that for Alexandria to compete it must capitalize on its advantages and resources. It must also be prepared to make the investment in change needed to become a 21st century city. We invite you to explore this website and learn about Mayor Roy’s accomplishments, his priorities, and his vision for our shared future. We welcome your questions and your feedback, and we ask for your support and your participation in moving this City forward. In 2014, Mayor Roy will need your help to continue this journey of revitalization of our home, Alexandria, making it the great city centered in Louisiana it should be. Alexandria truly can be the Place Where Louisiana Connects!  

Addressing Neighborhood Needs, Crime and Sustainability

Jacques Roy made policing a top priority, commissioning an objective audit and acting on its conclusions. As a result, residents increased their voice in how the police protect their neighborhoods, and police work more closely with neighborhood communities. In addition, Jacques Roy re-organized the department and made significant investments in technology that provide police with the tools they need to more effectively combat crime and drugs. The Mayor's plan known as SafeAlex is a one-of-a-kind experiment based on the principles of SafeGrowth. A founding father of this method of citizen empowerment has called the Mayor's SafeAlex program "groundbreaking" and the first of its kind in many respects. Most importantly, 2012 data suggests these strategies are working and affecting criminal behavior.

Now, the plan will involve more neighborhood leadership, creating compacts with citizens regarding both sides of the obligation to lower crime: our own and government's.

Reactive enforcement, saturation, and plain old boots-on-the-ground — to be sure — have a place. Crime is multi-faceted and its reduction, roots, sentinel causes, and its responses seem to work one day and then become inexplicably unresponsive the next. Holistic, neighborhood-based programs, supported by police and city departments, are the way forward. This is the essence of SafeAlex, which not only has taken root, but is showing reduction in several benchmark categories.  

Creating Jobs, Growing the Economy and Investing in Infrastructure

Jacques Roy’s capital projects and the SPARC program invest millions of dollars in infrastructure. These targeted public investments allow the private sector to do what it does best: create good paying jobs while improving the quality of life for all citizens. The SPARC program will pay dividends throughout the entire city for many years to come, without raising taxes. As promised when he ran in 2006, Mayor Roy created the most significant economic development initiative in the City’s history. The program has been forcefully adopted by citizens by the affirmative vote of support in Mayor Roy's reelection and references to Alexandria capital projects locally, around the state, and even nationally.

Open Government that Works for the People

Jacques Roy brought accountability to city government to give taxpayers confidence their money is being spent wisely. His leadership especially is needed in tough economic times. Roy has cracked down on big wasteful payments to outside groups and has hired professionals, not political cronies, to manage city business. Incredibly, during the recession, Mayor Roy and his team increased Retained Earnings, commonly called the city's surplus, while maintaining the highest standards of performance among the divisions in Alexandria history.

Another example of accountability at work is SmartAlex, designed to address streamlining local government activities, increasing accountability, using best practices, making government services pay for themselves (when possible) while eliminating duplicative, wasteful programs, and promoting local patronage and use of services, products, and community resources. 

Just consider the transparency offered by briefings, unfettered access to media, and published policy papers on just about every issue and program with which the city is engaged; this openness is astounding and offers not only a timely glimpse of the city's governance but a real time view of how decisions are made. The Mayor's philosophy is that the process leading to a decision can be every bit as important as the decision when it comes to the public domain.

Quality of Life in Our City

New partnering ideas with community services will be the hallmark of Alexandria’s recreation, arts, and cultural funding and sharing of resources.  Better interfacing with schools and certified community advocates and nongovernmental support organizations will be central to a unified and effective community plan to enrich the lives of children, our overall health, and community activities.  We have tremendous resources in Alexandria. We need to support those players and better utilize what they offer with accountability and novelty.